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Although in existence for thousands of years, the usage of traditional henna has so far been restricted to the Middle East, Africa and India. However, in the past few years, the concept of temporary tattoos has gained ground even in western countries, especially the us blue chip investing pamphlet and the UK. The major advantages offered by the henna tattoo are that they are natural, easy to apply and remove, us blue chip investing pamphlet stock investing report and low in cost. The absence of chemicals is what makes the henna tattoo a much sought after temporary tattoo.

Henna tattoo and xetra stock investing pamphlet its geographical roots

Traditional henna has been used for beautification and decoration purposes for thousands of years. While it is known as Henna or Hene in the Middle East and Africa, people in India and Pakistan know it as Mehendi. The Henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, generally grows in hot and humid climates and is cultivated in several African countries, including Sudan and Morocco, Asian countries such as India, and some of the countries in the Middle East. It was the Mughals who encouraged the cultivation of henna in India and Pakistan and used the traditional henna for beauty and decorative purposes rather than just for its medicinal value. Although the use of henna tattoos has spread across a vast geographic area in recent years, it continues to be largely used as a beauty product.

A new age for Henna

Henna is one of the best alternatives to permanent colour and is much in demand for its cosmetic value. Henna tattoos are made from henna paste that is formed from ground green henna leaves, mixed with water and other natural products. The paste, when applied to the skin or the hair, leaves a colour that can vary from orange to rich mahogany, depending on the quality of the henna being used.

A major reason for henna?s growing popularity is that its colour is temporary and fades away with time and washing. So people who wish to get intricate designs on their body, but are afraid of or dislike piercing the skin can opt for henna tattoos, which are not only attractive but also cheap and simple to apply. Henna tattoos match the advantages offered by other forms of temporary tattoos in that they are available in various designs and varied colours. Tattoo artists have evolved newer designs over the years, besides using contemporary designs to suit the requirements of the modern day customer.

The latest use of henna tattoos is for various other cosmetic products as well. Due to its chemical-free nature and cooling properties, it makes excellent eyeliners, lipsticks and gels for soothing the skin.

Henna tattoo: preferred by all

Henna is preferred as a temporary tattoo because of the variety offered by it in terms of colour and design. While you can have elaborate designs with varied colours for special occasions, simple designs can be used in your daily routine. Application of the henna tattoo has also become easier with the availability of several Henna based products that have given a new lease of life to the varied uses of henna. Even better, now henna is available in easy-to-use Henna Pens that make applying henna tattoos as easy as drawing on paper.

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